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Thank You for Donating to the Ghana Water Project!

Thank you for helping provide water and farming irrigation to a Ghanaian community! 

We originally set out to install the well and irrigation system in the village of Homabenase, an impoverished town of about 1,000 who go without during the dry season.  Unfortunately, due to tribal politics beyond our control, regarding land use, we had to move the project to an alternate location.   

Abid Jan - Nkwanta is located about 45 minutes from Homabenase.  It, too, is a small village facing the same challenges as Homabenase.  The new site for the water project is on a plot of land owned by The Canaan Life Project, our partner ministry in Ghana.

Our team faced many obstacles during the course of this project.  The irrigation supplies were held up in port and didn’t arrive until four days before our departure back to America.  The well drilling, water levels, and pump installation didn't come together until the very last minute.  Despite all these things, the project was completed! 

Before returning to the States, we appointed a manager to oversee the farm.  George is a close friend whom we have worked with in the past on several projects.  George has a degree in agriculture and many years of management experience.  We know the farm is in good hands.

We have invited members of the Abid Jan - Nkwanta , Kumasi, and Homabenase communities to work the land.  In return they receive a wage, farming education, and food.  
We know that the irrigation technology installed will help produce flourishing crops year round, literally doubling the food source. 

The produce from the land will have a dual purpose.  It will provide an additional food source for the community (and in the future an orphanage), and an income, which will go back into the project.  We believe that after a season or two, when people see what irrigation technology can do, more villages will allow us to come and help their people with similar systems.

Drilling the well.

Preparing the land.

These local women helped with clearing the land.

In Ghana, we rely on man power to get things done.

This group of young men helped hoist up our 30 feet tower.

Laying pipe.

Installing the system.

Where's a crane when you need one?

Putting the tank in place.

Aerial view of the irrigation system and land.

A video presentation of our team in Ghana, presented by Truelife Church.